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Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps (HKACC) is a uniform group under the policy aegis of  the Home Affairs Bureau. It is one of the member organizations of the Hong Kong Community Chest.

HKACC offers quality aviation education programmes to prepare young people for possible future service in the local Aviation Industry, thereby contributing to the economic well-being of Hong Kong.

With strong supports from the Aviation Industry, the community at large, and the strategic partner, the Hong Kong Aviation Club, it is now currently providing 3900 cadets and 800 adult members.

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Adult members

  1. Honorary Commander Hon Flt Lt LEUNG Charlie Chup

  1. Honorary Deputy Commander
    Hon Flt Lt AU Stephen Siu-kin

  2. Flt Lt IP Shu-kai, Officer Commanding 407 Squadron, Expedition Instructor

  1. Fg Off WONG
      Advanced Glider

  1. Fg Off SIN Ching-yin Jimmy, OTO, Teacher of La Salle College

  2. Fg Off LEUNG Ho-yin, OTO, Teacher of La Salle College

  1. Plt Off CHUNG Tak-man Billy, OTO

  1. SWO CHONG Chi-keung, Squadron Warrant Officer, Foot Drill Instructor, , First-Aid Instructor

LA SALLE COLLEGE eca club Committee year 2014-2015

    Cpl TONG Tung-hin (Form 5E)

    Cpl IP Ming-hei
    (Form 5C)

    Cpl KONG Chun-hin (Form 4C)

    Cpl LEUNG Tsz-hin (Form 4D)

    Cpl YU Cheuk-yin
    (Form 4C)

latest news:
RC PASSING-out parade 2014

guest of honour:
Br STEVE HOGAN, the principal of la salle college

DATE: 25 APR 2015 (SAT)
Time: 1430-1530
Venue: La Salle College

refreshment after the parade until 5pm

Latest announcements:

2015 Canada flying experience


2014-11 UK Air cadet air cdre visit

KNown absences

  1. BulletFor cadets who fail to attend the meetings or Sqn activities, prior approval from OC Sqn must be sought if the absence is foreseeable or scheduled. “Leave Application Form” must be completed with parent / guardian signature and handed to the Section Leaders / Flight Leaders a.s.a.p.

  2. BulletFailing to comply, disciplinary proceeding will be considered.

  3. Bullet“Leave Application Form” can be downloaded HERE.

CONTact us

  1. BulletHKACC Cadet Room (LG2 La Salle College)
    Office hours:  weekdays
    1210-1325 and 1530-1630

  2. BulletEmail to Squadron Warrant Officer CHONG Chi-keung Jeffrey